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Current Friends:

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn and Rosemary Shuder, Gold Star Parents, El Dorado Hills/Fair Oaks, CA (In honor of their son, LCpl Brad Shuder, USMC - Iraq, KIA

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Mary Martinez, Gold Star Parents, President/Founder, Gold Country For The Troops (In Honor of their son: PFC Charles A. Williams, US Army, 97th MP Bn, Kandahar, Afghanistan - KIA)

Mr. & Mrs. John and Betty Hall, Gold Star Parents, Elk Grove, CA (In Honor of their son: Sgt. 1st Class, Bryan E. Hall, US Army, 1st Bn, 67th Armor Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Div., Mosul, Iraq - KIA

Mr. and Mrs. Russ Mote, El Dorado Hills (In Honor of their son: Sky Mote, USMC, KIA)

**1st Lt. James Taylor, US Army – Medal of Honor, Vietnam, 1968**

Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills (Founding Sponsor)

Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization (Founding Sponsor)

Waste Connections (Founding Sponsor)

Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Sacramento, California (Major Donor)

United Way, California Capital Region (Donor)

Courtney Hvostal, Director, Wounded Veteran Run, Folsom - (Brother, SGT Adam Keys, U.S. Army, Afghanistan Veteran /Purple Heart ) (Major Donor)

Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Ellie Kuehn, Wildland Hydrology Consultant, US Coast Guard (Major Donor)

Lieutenant Commander Ted Robinson (U.S. Navy Ret.) WWII - PT Boats

Paul Cook, Congressman 8th District – Former Assemblyman, 65th District – USMC

Ami Bera, Congressman 7th District

Ted Gaines - State Senator, 1st District, (Dad, Robert Gaines, Tail Gunner B-17, WWII)

Beth Gaines - Assemblywoman, 6th District

Alyson Huber – Former Assemblywoman, 10th District

Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor, District 3, El Dorado County

Ray Nutting – Former Supervisor, District 2, El Dorado County

Ron Mikulaco, District 1, Supervisor, US Army

Joe Harn – Auditor/Controller, El Dorado County

Bill Schultz, Recorder/Clerk, Registrar of Voters, Director-EDC Veterans Affairs – El Dorado County

John D’Agostini - Sheriff, El Dorado County

Jim Cooper, Vice Mayor, City Councilman, City of Elk Grove

John Knight – Former Supervisor, District 1, El Dorado County, Rotary Club (Dad & Mom-Pearl Harbor, US Navy)

Lou Rains – Former El Dorado County Planning Commissioner, Rotary Club – USMC

Harry Norris – Former Member, El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors, (US Army VietVet)

Terry Crumpley, El Dorado Hills CSD Director, (Husband, USAF)

Tony Rogozinski, El Dorado Hills CSD Director, (USAF)

Wayne Lowery – El Dorado Hills CSD Director (Founder)

Noelle Mattock – El Dorado Hills CSD Director

Bill Vandegrift - El Dorado Hills CSD Director

Brent Dennis, General Manager, El Dorado Hills CSD

Guy Gertsch, Former El Dorado Hills CSD Director, (Dad, Korean War / Uncle, Iwo Jima / Nephew, Afghanistan)

Justin Masters - Former El Dorado Hills CSD Director, (USAF)

Sean Tucker, Former Cameron Park CSD Director, Pres., El Dorado County Division - Placer Title, Rotary Club

Shiva Frentzen, Cameron Park CSD Director, Pres., Cal Internet Serv., El Dorado Business.Com

David Brazelton, President, Western Sign Company, Placerville (Donor)

Ron Thompson, Owner, Thompson’s Toyota, Rotary Club, Placerville (Donor)

Robert S. Leon, EDH Rotary Club, (USMC-VietVet) (Founder)

Kathy Witherow – President 2009/2010, El Dorado Hills Rotary Club, (Dad, Korea) (Founder)

Robert E. (Bob) Diesel, Architect, USAF (VietVet) (Founder)

Mark Foltz, LEED AP, Project Manager, Otto Construction (Dad, Uncle, Grandfather Vets) (Founder)

Jay Beals, President, CEO, Beals Alliance (Son, Afghanistan) (Founder) (Donor)

Dick Grinnell, Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization, (Gunnery Sgt, USMC -Korea, Vietnam) (Founder)(*Deceased 9/6/13*)

Edward (Ed) Grinnell, Pilot, US Navy, (Desert Storm) - Realtor, Coldwell Banker (Father-USMC-Korea-Vietnam, Daughter, Naval Academy 2014)

John Cordova, Combat Veterans MC, (USMC-VietVet) (Founder) (Son-Pilot, US Air Force)

Ernie Franco, Commander, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Cameron Park, (VietVet USMC)

Gordon “Black Fox” Boswell – Leader, El Dorado Tribal Council

Heather Mazzanti, Job Captain, Beals Alliance USA (Husband Iraq Vet) (Founder)

Chuck Pasillas, Project Manager, Electrical Engineering, (Dad, USMC)

Jim Blatchford, Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization (USAF) (Founder)

Adrian Garcia, Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization (USMC VietVet)) (Founder)

Bill Tobin – President 2010/2011, EDH Rotary Club (Father USN WWII, son USAF Afghanistan-active)

Jeff England, Operations Mgr., Waste Connections, Pres. 2011/2012 Rotary Club

William (Bill) Roby, Director, El Dorado Community Foundation, Placerville (Father, US Navy-WWII, Brother, US Navy -VietVet)

C.J. Smith, Land Surveyor (Son, Afghanistan)

Don Faught, Former President, California Association of Realtors

Allan Priest, Priest Realty Co., Golden Oaks Investment Corporation

Debbie Manning, CEO, El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce

Kent Oakley, Parks and Recreation, El Dorado Hills CSD (Retired)

Maria Guzman-Kennedy – Legislative Liaison, EDH Veterans Memorial Project

Laurie Hensley, DeBencik & Hensley Event Mgmt, Sacramento

Terry DeBencik, DeBencik & Hensley Event Mgmt, Sacramento

Ted Diehl, Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization (USMC)

Wayne Bellows, Fallen Warriors Memorial Organization (National Guard) (Marine Corps League)

Janet Kenneweg – Recreation Supervisor, “Moni Gilmore” Senior Center, El Dorado Hills

Bill Knox, Member, Four Seasons Civic League Board of Directors

Dianna Hillyer, Former Director of Planning, El Dorado Hills CSD

Anne Baird, Former District Director - Assemblywoman Alyson Huber

Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Lori M. Veerkamp, Rotary Club, Former Fire Chief (Ret), El Dorado Hills)

Major General Doug Stone, USMC (Ret), VietVet, Afghanistan, Iraq

Dr. Robert A. Cervantes, Brigadier General, (CA) Retired, Sacramento

Lt. Colonel Kevin Console – Wounded Warrior Regiment, Sacramento – USMC

Captain Ernie Spencer, USMC (Ret),Co. Commander, Khe Sanh, 1968), Author

Det. Nolan Tracy, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dept., USMC

Capt. Bob Ashworth, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dept., US Army (Son, US Army 1-91Cav)

Vicki Ashworth, Deputy District Attorney, (Son, US Army1-91Cav)

Mark Holm, President, National Marine Corps Business Network – USMC (Desert Storm)

Mary Lou McNiell, Executive Officer, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 500, Sacramento

Dusty Deryck, 1st Commander, District 7, American Legion, US Army (361st Aviation Company)

Chuck Brasiel, USAF, Former Commander, American Legion Post 159, Placerville

Michael Adams – Draft Board Member, El Dorado County, Selective Service Board

Dave Sauve, VFW, Post 10165 US Army, VietVet, Draft Board Member, El Dorado County

Mr. Michael Ojeda, American GI Forum, PFC Alejandro R. Ruiz Medal of Honor Chapter, Sacramento

Bob Van Gilder, Member, Camino School Board – (Dad, USMC Iwo Jima Veteran WWII)

Jesus F. Leon(Dec), 8th U.S. Army Air Corps (WWII) – San Leandro, CA. (3 Sons-VietVets)

Charlie Romero, Inchon Reservoir, (Korea) USMC-San Diego, CA (1 Son-USMC)

John T. Trujillo, VietVet, US Army, 11th Armored Cavalry

Pat Hassna – Granite Bay Rotary Club – US Army (Special Forces)

Jo Austin, IT, HCIT Consultant, (Great-Grandfather - Pickett’s Charge(Civil War), Grandfather-WWI 2ndLt US Army – Father-WWII US Army, Concentration Camp Liberator- Nephew-US Army, Iraq – Husband, Vietnam War, USMC)

Amelia M. Leon, Cal State Long Beach, Disney College Program, Anaheim (Father, VietVet, USMC)

Robert A. Leon, Student, UC San Diego (Father, VietVet, USMC)

Jesse S. Leon, R.E. Broker (USMC VietVet-Sgt) (2 sons US Navy, 1 son USAF)

Brian Jensen, Former Govt. Relations Consultant, PG&E, (Dad-USN, VietVet), (Grandfather, US Army, WWII Egypt)

Jon Rivera – “Jon’s World Famous Barber Shop” – USMC

Gregory Matson – Matson Appraisals – USAF (Dad, WWII, B-25 Tail Gunner)

Felix Galaviz – Former CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County – US Army, 11th Armored Cavalry (VietVet 66-67) (2 Purple Hearts)

Stan Perez – Division Chief (Ret), California Highway Patrol – USAF

Pete Sweeney, Sweeney’s California Choppers – VietVet, US Army

Frank Seronello, USMC (VietVet)

Michael J. Russell CR, President, Dreambuilders Kitchen and Bath Inc, Rotary Club – USAF (VietVet)

Kathe Russell, CKBR, Owner, Dreambuilders Home Remodeling, Rotary Club, (Son, Afghanistan USA)

Julie Leconte, Facilitator, Military Family Support Group (MFSG), El Dorado County ( Son- Army SPC Zac Leconte, OEF Veteran – Aunt, Marine CPL Casey Seth, OEF Veteran - Aunt, Army SPC Russell Ramey, Veteran, 82nd Airborne - Niece of Army/Air Force 2nd LT Frederic P. Jones ’42-’46 and Daughter of Army/Air Force SGT Ernest R. Seth, ’46-’49)

Rose Chilcoat, Former Facilitator, Military Family Support Group

Susan Johnson – Realtor, (Dad-US Army- Air Corps WWII)

Kevin MacDonald, Pres. Townsend & Schmidt, Masonry

Roberta Long, Editor/Writer/Rotary Club

Eric R. Stohl, Ameriprise Financial, USN (son- USMC, daughter- US Army)

Janice Falek, Community Leader, Cameron Park Rotary Club

Carolyn Doty (Dec.), Community Leader/Former Exec. Dir. SS/CP Chamber of Commerce

Bill Randall – Director of Investigations, American Claims Management, Inc. – Cameron Park

Lt. John C. Cordova, USAF, Pilot (Afghanistan)

DJ Peterson, Exec. Director, Vision Coalition of El Dorado Hills (Father – Army WWII)

Dave Bender, Chief Meteorologist, KOVR13 TV

Big Jim Hall, KHITS.92.1, Sacramento (Special Thanks)

Terry Wilson, CLU – USAF (Ret) Cameron Park Rotary Club

Don Chaddock, Managing Editor, El Dorado Hills Telegraph (Father, Army Air Corps WWII)

Penne Usher, El Dorado Hills Telegraph

Jim Cunningham, Attorney at Law, Rotary Club

Mike Roberts, Reporter, Village Life

Lou Faught, R.E. Broker, Mission Mortgage, (9 Brothers in Military, Dad in WWII)

Kari McCoy, Realtor, The McCoy Group, Lyon Real Estate, Rotary Club

Lynn N. Talbott, Jr., CPA, CVA, Rotary Club

Susan Hamlin, Former Ofc. Mgr., Asst. V.P., Mechanics Bank EDH, (Son Ryan, Afghanistan- US Army)

Ryan Hamlin, US Army (Afghanistan)

Greg Gardner, VietVet (USAF) Committee Member, Murrieta, CA. Veterans Memorial

Jennifer J. Austin, (Father, Concentration Camp Liberator, (WWII) James Austin US Army (dec)

Greg Witherow, Business Development Manager, Carter-Kelly Inc.

Bill Rose, Chief Technology Officer, APPCENTRIX Mobile Innovation, 3 Roses.com, Webmaster

Mr. & Mrs. David and Isabel Stone, IDS International LP, Elk Grove

Bud Brown, Veterans Service Organization, Committee Member

Dave Davidson, Veterans Service Organization, Committee Member

Kirby Ehler – Former School Board Member, El Dorado Union High School Dist., US Army

Dennis W. Amaral – Owner, Davis & Amaral Mortgage Consultants, Inc.

Sgt. Nicholas J. Senteney, USMC – 29 Palms (Cool, Calif)

Doug Patterson, Scout Master, Boy Scouts of America Troop #465, El Dorado Hills

Eugene Costodio, SSGT,US Army (Ret) VietVet, San Antonio, Texas

Pam Woodward, President – Rolling Hills Blue Star Moms

Mark Kille, Acct. Executive, Integra Telecom – (US Navy)

Christina Margo, Rotary Club, Businesswoman

William (Bill) Donat, Retired EDH Resident, (US Navy - WWII)

Johanna M. Cunningham, CEO, P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol & Risk-Related Trauma in Youth

Larry Braley, Service Officer, American Legion Post #256, Loveland, Ohio – VietVet -USMC

Dan Hiney, Wheelers For The Wounded, (US Army, Desert Storm, Iraq)

Kevin Carey, Wheelers For The Wounded, (US Army, Desert Storm, Iraq)

Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Heidi Green (Son, US Army)

Art Vigil, Military Police, Fort Ord, Sgt. US Army (dec) – Fremont, CA- GI Forum (Family Request)

Anthony “Tony” Vigil, Real Estate Appraiser, President/Owner, ValTech Appraisals, Rocklin

V.J. and Joyce L. McDonald, Major (Ret) USAF, El Dorado Hills

James S. & Nancy Carriere, Oakland, CA

Bob Mutchler, Rotary Club, Piano Tuner/Technician

Jay Reiser, S.E., Principal, Miyamoto International, Inc. (Earthquake+Structural Engineers)

Josiah & Courtney Perillo, El Dorado Hills

Steven C. Bailey, Judge, Superior Court of El Dorado County (Veterans Court Judge)

Dale Adams, US Army (Ret), Rotary Club

Marc Pearl, President, Pearl Wealth Management, Rotary Club

James & Wan Austin, (Father, WWII, US Army)

Stephen Ivie, US Army

Chris Smazenko, (Husband, US Navy)

Dennis Smazenko, US Navy

John Raslear, Civic Club, Four Seasons, El Dorado Hills

Sally Raslear, (Brother, US Air Force-Korea), El Dorado Hills

Vincent Gattuso, US Navy, Korea, El Dorado Hills

Eileen Marshall, (Grandson Dylan, USMC) Roseville

Donald Gibson, US Army, Vietnam Veteran

MasterGySgt James (Jim) Allmon, USMC (Ret) VietVet 67-68

Dave Maestas, Owner, West Coast Events, Catering Service

Mike Smith, US Army, VietVet, Helicopter Crew Chief 67-68, Rio Vista

Mike Daly, US Navy, Submarine Service 61-66

Ms. Lilly Lobato Gillam, Fair Oaks, CA

Tia Carroll, Blues & Soul Delivered w/Power & Passion, (Daughter Deena, US Navy)

Leah Tysse, Leah Tysse Band, Blues Singer

Greg Jones, President, Jones/Public Relations, El Dorado Hills

Abel Leon Sr., Former President, (Ret) Leon Masonry, US Army, Korea, San Jose

David Leon, President, Leon Masonry, San Jose (Father, Korean Veteran, US Army)

R. Scott Spriggs, El Dorado Hills

Mr. & Mrs. William and Barbara Garrison, Cameron Park

Mr. & Mrs. George and Donna Hall, President/Producer, Video Streaming Services, Company, Sacto

Val Lasko – USAF, Helicopter Pilot, VietVet 20thSOS MACV SOG

Mr. & Mrs. Glen and Monica Krakow, Owners, PakMail- EL Dorado Hills

Nancy Freitag, US Army

Mary Corral, USMC

Mr. and Mrs.Mike & Jan Freire, US Air Force, Vietnam Veteran

Brian Elliot, USMC 1982-1985

Bob Ross, USAF

Dr. Greg Heise, US Navy (Ret)

Chris Tobias, USAF, 1992-1997

Lindsay Castro, (Grandfather-USAF)

Christina Pilgrim, El Dorado Hills

Katherine Paterson, US Navy, Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery

Martha Sedgley, Folsom (son, US Army-active)

Mark Hildebrand, USAF, Vietnam Veteran

Mr. JR Miles, USAF, 1974-1978

Karen Holgate, (Dad-Army, Father-in-law-Korean War Vet-US Navy, Cousins- USAF, Desert Storm)

Ron Hawn, USAF, 1958-1962

Ed Dystha, US Army, 1947

C. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Joe & Gail Dettmar, USAF Reserves, US Army Reserves

Jeanne Cisneros, (Daughter-US Army)

Ernie Cumbra, USAF

Melanie J. Bowen, US Navy, SeaBees (Electrical), IT Department, INTEL

LT Patrice 'Mo' Davis, USN, Ret (LDO Admin), AMVETS Post 940 Folsom

Kelsey Miguel and Owen Garibay, USMCR, OIF 2005 & 2008

Norma Von Dohren, President- Gold Country Chapter, Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA)

Chuck Santana, FH Dailey Chevrolet, San Leandro, US Navy (Dad, Charlie Santana, Former Supervisor, Alameda County, (dec) USMC)

Capt. John C. Cordova USAF, Air Craft Commander Pilot, England (Dad, VietVet USMC)

Dr. J. Kent Garman, MD, Marine Flight Surgeon, Vietnam 67-68 (A-6 Intruders) USMCL

David D. Tully, Paymaster/Web Sergeant, W.H. Nichols Marine Corps League det. #940 Folsom

John Honea, USMCL

David Sledge, U.S. Air Force

Barbara Vigil, Mortgage Loan Originator, US Bank, Rocklin

Kathleen Ellertson, Veteran Artist Program Manager, Intel Corporation

Joe Dominguez, Territory Sales, Status Solutions, Charlottesville, VA – (US Army)

Kenneth R. Thurman, MBA, ChFC, Vietnam Veteran 68-69, Tank Commander, US Army

Dave Dodds

John Larson, President, Applied Arms, El Dorado Hills – US Army Ranger (Ret), Iraq Vet

Terence Degan, US Army MC 1983-1990, (Son, Kevin Degan, USAF, Afghanistan)

Karen R. Wagner, (In Memory of Dick Grinnell)

Jack R. May & Sandra J. May, (In Memory of Dick Grinnell)

Sho Yoshida & Kaz Yoshida, (In Memory of Dick Grinnell)

Terry Stewart

Elizabeth England, El Dorado Hills, (Son, US Army)

Bonnie Kelley, (Father, Veteran)

Linda Lewis, (Father & Husband – Veterans)

Benjamin Morino, (US Army)

Matthew Wheeler, (Partner, Veteran)

Ron Beehler

Larry Fordham, (US Air Force)

Mike Goyton, (In honor of Pete Goyton, WWII, South Pacific)

Scott Gross, (US Air Force)

Troy McClintock, (Active-US Air Force, Travis)

Sheri Hoffman, (Father-Korea/Stepfather-Vietnam)

Christine Librach, (Father WWII – Brother-Bosnia)

Audrey Daughtery

Katrina & Greg Murphy

John & Joan Boutselis, El Dorado Hills (In Memory of Dick and Rene Grinnell)

Margaret Kane, (In Memory of Dick and Rene Grinnell)

Henry & Diane Yates (In Memory of Dick and Rene Grinnell), US Army Veteran. Folsom

Richard Bergin, US Navy

Mike Mzra, Owner Mzra Brewing Co., El Dorado Hills

Sierra Mustang Club of Sacramento, (In Memory of Dick and Rene Grinnell)

Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Carol Gatta, El Dorado Hills

Christina Rynhart, El Dorado Hills

Richard J. Ramirez – Former Interim General Manager, El Dorado Hills Community Services District

John P. Skeel, Former General Manager, El Dorado Hills Community Services District

John Abla, US Navy

Roberto A. Rocha, Sgt. US Army, VietVet

Ricardo Morlabaez, Veteran, USMC

Carole A. Ohman, (Dad-US Navy) (Husband-US Army) (Son-in-law US Air Force) (Son-in-law #2 US Navy) (Son-in-Law #3 US Navy) (Grandson-US Marine Corps), Folsom, CA

Mr. Douglas Keefauver, Veteran, US Army

Michelle Johnston, (In Memory of Dave Johnson and Jim Johnston), Sacramento, CA

Robert Wagner, (Veteran, US Army)

Marilyn Young, (Nephew, US Air Force)

Kiki McNair, (Son-in-law, Veteran)

Sheree Corbett, (Brother-in Law US Navy)

Chris Sena, (Veteran, US Navy (Ret. Diver)

Kaitlyn Minnenan, (Grandpa- US Coast Guard)

Laura Clark, (Grandfather, Uncle, Husband – US Army)

Samantha Lamb, (Veterans - Grandfather and Cousin)

Bill Cahill, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Goy de Boo, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Reymon Hernandez, (US Army, Sacramento)

Kathy Church

Clayton Kennedy

Willie Navarro, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Warren Navarro, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Diana Turner, American Red Cross

Debbie Cahill, (Veteran, US Army)

Don Kennedy

The Soldiers Project, Sacramento

Marine Corps Veterans Association, (George Marsh-Commanding Officer), Sacramento

Zack Fuelling, Volunteer for Veterans

Robert Neuman, US Navy Veteran, Master Chief Petty Officer (Ret)

Mitch Munt, Veteran, US Navy ST3

Donna Pestori

Lt.Col Jack Kohn, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Chris Bewley, (Veteran, US Navy)

Shawn Rogan

Kayce Holloway, (Veteran, US Navy)

Amy Pelto

Gregg and Danielle Dutton, (Veteran, US Air Force)

Matt Beckett, Captain 86B, EDH Fire – Cmdr., Honor Guard

Gary K. Mork, Commander – Combat Vets Motorcycle Assoc. CA 33-2 (Gulf War)

Combat Vets Motorcycle Association – Chapter 33-7 – Sacramento, CA

Dennis Bernasconi, Veteran, USMC


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